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Aquacize Starts April 4

Water Exercise, a moderate aerobic workout in shallow water is starting. This program can increase cardiovascular endurance, core strength and flexibility. Aquatic exercise benefit those with joint mobility deficits and/or those compromised with land exercise challenges.” CLICK HERE...More

Interfaith Peace Picnic on October 17

Come eat, play, and get to know people from our wonderfully diverse faith communities at this free event. Family-friendly interfaith activities including music, information tables, presentations, performances and children's activities. Peace cannot persevere without a circle of friends ~ bring 10 friends, family or members from your congregation/assembly with you! We acknowledge our differences while we celebrate the guiding spiritual principles that we all have in common. All...More

Pallottine Renewal Center is OPEN!

We have Refreshed our spaces & Renewed our policies. We are OPEN! Pallottine Renewal Center has provided several mitigation strategies to host safe retreats.  Guests take a health survey and temperature reading before the retreat begins, masks are required, hand sanitizing dispensers are placed throughout the campus and social distancing opportunities are set up in all our...More