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Pallottine Introduces SoulCore Classes Beginning June 1

Join SoulCore instructor Patti Alvarez, to nourish body, mind & soul with SoulCore – a prayer experience that combines the prayers of the rosary with core strengthening, stretching and functional movement. No fitness level or experience required. All are welcome! Visit for more information. WHEN:  Classes begin June 1, 2020 Mondays and Wednesdays...More
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TODAY IS THE REVEAL: Winter Newsletter

TODAY IS THE REVEAL PRC is boasting: new logo, new brochures, new website AND WE ARE EXCITED. Read all about the changes and the meaning behind the new logos, the reason we have two brochures, the website change in our March 2020 Newsletter: Then partner with us to get the brochures to people...More

Campus Revitalization

You are invited to participate in one of two ways to help Re-Vitalization our Campus: Pallottine Renewal Center is accepting charitable donations to replace the oak trees that line our entrance drive. The beautiful trees planted by the Pallottine sisters 50 years ago are suffering from insect damage and getting weaker every...More
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Prayer of Peace (Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi)

Throughout the past week, people suffered such senseless violence.   All they wanted was to spend time on the weekend with families and loved ones.  Then, in a few seconds, their lives were taken.  The predominant feelings are anger, fear, and powerlessness.  People are asking, “Who is to blame?”  Perhaps this prayer, credited to...More

How Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness: THE BIGGEST LIE IN THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY, Matthew Kelly

How Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness: THE BIGGEST LIE IN THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY, Matthew Kelly Book Review and Comparison of Matthew Kelly and St. Vincent Pallotti I just finished reading, but have not stopped reflecting upon, Matthew Kelly’s book, THE BIGGEST LIE IN THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY. His book is...More

Kitchen Memories

Every successful retreat house serves great food–if you want people to come back.   Not only must the food be nourishing, the entrees must appeal to  different ages.   And on retreat, appetites are ravenous–whether for the senior women’s retreat or high school students.  Finally, because the retreat house operates close to even, cost...More