Pallottine Renewal Center is Catholic in Identity and Ecumenical and Interfaith in Ministry. Our chapel was designed as a Chapel-in-the-Round which enables all participants to feel an equal part of the service.

Use of the Chapel

Service, meeting space for larger groups, quiet reflection.


Total 3959 sq. ft.

Meeting Space 1700 sq. ft.

Our Chapel is set for 100 guests

Media Equipment


Audio sound system with 3 wireless microphones and one lapel microphone

Adaptive equipment for iPod and iPhone music

Music & microphone stands

Piano and portable key board with amplifier

Chapel on Anniversary
Chapel pic with people

Stone walls, complemented by continuous stained glass windows, provide a setting of reverence and dignity.

The stained glass windows are made from the most beautiful form of glass – mouth blown leaded crystal. The production of the base glass is a time honored tradition and a rather time-consuming process, but one that pays high dividends. The dynamism of the glass can be contributed to the human element. The technical name of the mouth blown glass is called full antique stained glass. To this day, this is the nicest glass made in the world.

Only a handful of countries in the world mouth blow stained glass and the textures vary from country to country. A set of our stained glass comes from Germany and this type of glass is called Shaum Glass and is characterized by many bubbles. These bubbles are put in by throwing a potato into the vat of molten glass prior to blowing. The potato dissolves and explodes with the residue going up the flue. This controlled reaction releases bubbles into the glass which are trapped in the taffy-like hot material.  Then when the solid ball of molten glass is swirled onto the end of the pipe and blown, the trapped air bubbles are stretched much like writing on the surface of an expanding balloon.

Etched in the stain glass around the Chapel are the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy – kind acts by which we help our neighbors with their material and physical needs. These corporal works of mercy consist especially in feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, and burying the dead.

The circular design places all worshipers within 35 feet of the altar. The Texas stone and face brick, the sculpturally–shaped wood ceiling and carpeted floor create a feeling of warmth and softness desired for the worship setting.

Emmaus Men dancing in Chapel
Blessing of Chapel
President of the Board of Alderman