The Center is a sacred space for faith and mission-driven organizations to hold spiritual gatherings, retreats, and leadership an educational meetings. Pallottine is also the perfect destination for corporate groups to host conferences, workshops, board meetings, training and strategic-planning sessions, and team-building events.

Our 83-acre campus sets the stage for recharging your team. New ideas and innovative solutions come from our tranquil surroundings. Our world-class hospitality provides all your needs so you and your group will have the opportunity to Invigorate, Rewind, Find balance, Innovate, Refresh, Reflect and Renew.

Pallottine is Catholic in identity, but our ministry is ecumenical and open to all faiths.


•  Non-profit

•  Quilters Guild

•  Faculty Meetings

•  Community Groups

•  Chamber of Commerce

•  Historical Societies

•  Neighborhood Associations

Congregational Retreats

•  Men’s Retreats

•  Women’s Retreats

•  Couples’ Retreats

•  Pastoral Retreats

•  College Campus Ministry

•  High School Kairos

•  Confirmation Retreats

•  Youth Ministries

•  First Holy Communion

•  Boy Scout/ Girl Scout Programs

Corporate Events

•  Workshops

•  Board Meetings

•  Conferences

•  Strategic Planning

•  Training

•  Team Building

Pallottine Renewal Center is open to all groups, organizations, and businesses. Contact us to see how we can serve you!