The Pool is OPEN!

Aquacise is water exercise, a light to moderate aerobic workout in shallow water. Classes are ongoing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10 am. This program can increase cardiovascular endurance, core strength and flexibility. Aquatic exercise benefits everyone but especially those with joint-mobility deficits and/or those compromised with land-exercise challenges.

Mon / Wed / Fri — 9-10 AM
Class is currently FULL

Call to get on the waiting list.
Proof of COVID Vaccination Required

$50 for the calendar month
$10 per class / Call first to sign-up

Morning Aquacise Instructor

Linda Belcher

My name is Linda, and I am teaching the water aerobics classes at Pallottine Renewal Center.

I have been a North County girl for most of my life (except when I went to college).  I taught math at Rosary High School (Trinity) for 25 years.  I have two children and three grandchildren.

I have been a part of the water-aerobics classes at Pallottine since 2006 and have been teaching the class since 2008. We stopped classes because of the pandemic but are now back at it!  Each class participant is free to work as their own body dictates. I invite anyone who would like to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health to join us.

Please Select:

MAY: Mon / Wed — 6-7 PM
JUNE: Tue / Thu — 6-7 PM
Now accepting registrations to join.

Do NOT pay before registering.

$60 for the calendar month
$10 per class / Call first to sign-up

Evening Aquacise Instructor

Kathy Costello

I’m a lifelong North County girl and happy to be part of the Pallottine team! I retired this past fall after 24 years at Russo’s Catering. My husband, Don, and I have three daughters and six grandchildren.

I became a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor about 30 years ago, primarily volunteering for Girl Scouts but also teaching swim lessons. Since joining the Aquacise class last fall, I’ve noticed a positive change in my physical and mental well-being, and I’m looking forward to sharing my love of the water with the new evening class!

We will work at a pace that is easily adjusted to your own level of comfort as you enjoy your time in the terrific pool at Pallottine … together building stronger bodies, minds and spirits.

Please Select:

May attend one class or many – no refund for missed classes.

Payments should be made prior to the 1st of the month to secure registration.