For the safety of yourself and your group we do ask that you familiarize yourself with our building layout, the location of our exits and our AED on campus.

24 hour hospitality – overnight assistance call Pallottine their home. They live on campus and are available to meet our guest’s needs and emergency response from 6pm to 6am and perform nightly rounds.

Each guest receives a central call number for our overnight assistants contact, our WI FI information and our evening/night door code access.

Many of our staff are CPR certified, we have an AED on campus – first floor by elevator and we have first aid kits on campus.

We have security cameras located on our campus.

For the safety of our guests and the protection of our property, open flames are not permitted inside our building. We do offer a large supply of realistic battery operated candles.

Severe Weather Preparation – when severe weather alert is issued, the situation will be monitored by designated staff and communication will be given to your group leader.

A weather radio is monitored in front office and by overnight staff.  Please remain calm and listen to the directions of our staff.

There is a fully enclosed shelter on campus that has capacity of over 80 and is the safe place for guests during severe weather warnings.

Fire – when you hear an alarm sound or blow horn from our staff, proceed calmly and quickly to nearest exit.

We have signs posted by the elevators that display where fire exits are located. These images are also located in the Guest Booklet.

On inside of each guest room door is a map pointing to fire exits.  Use a towel to cover your mouth and nose and stay low to the ground and proceed to the exit stairwells located on each end of our hallways.

There are Fire Pull Stations throughout the building.


We keep our doors to the building locked. Each group is assigned a 4 digit code that gives 24/hour access to the building during their stay. It is changed between groups.  We have employees at front door office during regular business hours 5 days a week and weekend coverage in office.  A doorbell can be rung for visitors. Security cameras are set up at entrance.


Information for hospitals and urgent care is listed in the Guest Room Booklet.  We do have multiple first aid kits in the building but recommend that you bring your own over the counter medications.