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Pa$$ it Forward

Financial difficulties should never prevent ANYONE from attending a retreat. Pallottine Renewal Center has a fund to help us offer financial assistance to those groups (or individuals) with a need. With your help, someone who otherwise could NOT be here can now experience the love and care only PRC can provide.

Please consider contributing to our Pa$$ It Forward fund as every dollar you donate (100 percent) contributes directly to the fund.

A $5, $10, $20 or any other amount of your choice will go towards sponsoring other guest(s) through our door by Pa$$ It Forward!


PRC Studio

We are raising funds to help us complete a capital improvement project to renovate and expand the PRC Studio. This space currently hosts multiple classes for the North County community including Yoga, Sound Bowls and other mind/body/spirit disciplines.

The building does not currently have a reception area or bathrooms. This improvement would make the facility much more welcoming for additional classes and even other small retreats and meetings. Our campaign goal is $50,000.

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Operational Maintenance

Defining and maintaining operational excellence are complex and evolving topics that must be navigated while continuing our ongoing ministry of hospitality. Development and operational enhancements are essential to delivering and improving the excellent service Pallottine Renewal Center offers to guests from all over the United States and the world.

Appreciation of the unique value we provide to retreatants of all ages, faith and cultural backgrounds through upgrades to our infrastructure and equipment enables us to enhance and support effective programs and overall organizational strategy to keep current.

Your gift helps others experience the love and care you’ve seen in action here at PRC!