Corporate Retreats Help Your Staff Rejuvenate And Innovate

The daily grind of work sometimes can become tedious and predictable, no matter how much people love their jobs. So getting away from the normal office environment from time to time can help refresh supervisors’ and employees’ clarity and thinking skills. Multi-day or single-day corporate retreats can help give your staff a change of scenery, […]

The Perks Of Hosting Your Corporate Retreat Off-Site

Corporate retreats that are held off-site enable more time to interact and get to know a team of supervisors and employees in different capacities. Mary Beth Parks, retreat coordinator for Pallottine Renewal Center, said that anytime employees can get away from their desks is a good thing for the mind, body and soul. “The change […]

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When and How did the Pallottine Missionary Sisters get here? The story that reveals the amazing ability of divine intervention 100 Years Ago. The story of the Pallottine Missionary Sisters order in America began when four sisters – Franciska Zabel, Alacoque Raedeker, Prisca Hess, and Dominica Senn – embarked from Germany on April 23, 1912. […]