The Perks Of Hosting Your Corporate Retreat Off-Site

Corporate retreats that are held off-site enable more time to interact and get to know a team of supervisors and employees in different capacities.

Mary Beth Parks, retreat coordinator for Pallottine Renewal Center, said that anytime employees can get away from their desks is a good thing for the mind, body and soul.

“The change of scenery can help foster new creativity,” Parks said. “Depending on the goal of the retreat, stepping out of the office can help create new relationships with some people you don’t normally see. It helps give people more time to bond away from the office setting. It also helps give people perspective from others in the corporation they don’t normally interact with. They might learn new things about their company from people who work in different departments and then can work together to figure out new ways to create a better job and overall company.”

Whether it is for one day at a local destination or a week-long retreat at a far-away destination, there are several factors to consider for an off-site corporate retreat.

Some corporations may have the means to send their teams to high-energy places such as Las Vegas or New York City while others choose to send their teams to low-key, relaxing and calming environments such as Portland, Ore., or San Diego, Calif.

It all depends on how many employees will be attending; whether they are traveling long distances via planes, trains or automobiles; accommodation costs; and extras, such as meals, nightly entertainment and activities such as attending a theme park or baseball game while in town. These types of off-site corporate retreats may even allow for spouses and even whole families to attend and enjoy the sights, at their own cost.

In this day of corporate cost-cutting, however, many businesses are seeking options closer to home. Some may want to just devote one day to a retreat or spend a week or weekend at a quiet, remote location that is free of distractions.

That is why the team at Pallottine Renewal Center is committed to offering top-notch corporate retreats for groups small and large (up to 96 participants). Pallottine offers all the amenities needed, from large meetings rooms to more intimate areas to confer; recreational activities; reasonably priced accommodations; top-notch menu options for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner; spiritual areas for quiet reflection; and 88 acres of land and woods to explore.

So why not start planning your off-site corporate retreat close to home, specifically at Pallottine Renewal Center, today?

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