December 2020 News & Notes

From Our Sponsors

–Sr. Mary Grace Barile, S.A.C.
       Provincial, Queen of Apostles Province

I was one of the young sisters that watched the Pallottine Renewal Center rise from the middle of rural Florissant.  Our founder, Vincent Pallotti, desired for us to serve the people of God by increasing faith and love, and to inspire the laity to use their gifts to build up the church.  What a perfect vision for an ecumenical retreat center!

Much has happened in 50 years.  I now serve as provincial for the Pallottine Missionary Sisters in the United States.  Now our lay men and women carry on the mission of increasing faith and love.  They are the backbone of our ministry, and we are grateful for their commitment and service.

The Renewal Center, prior to the pandemic, had been able to take care of most of its expenses with little financial aid coming from the Sisters. The Sisters believe strongly in this ministry and is helping during this time of financial strain to ensure that our doors remain open.

We ask those that value our ministry to consider a donation—whatever you can afford.  We are grateful and remember you in our prayers.  May God continue to bless this service and may all who enter our doors be blessed with a sense of renewal and experience the infinite love of God through the hospitality we provide.


Bringing Conservation Home at Pallottine

On October 28th, Mitch Leachman of the St. Louis Audubon Society assessed our 83 acres. Mitch is the Program Director for St. Louis Audubon and is a “Habitat Advisor” for their Bring Conservation Home program.

The Bring Conservation Home program provides an on-site assessment for property owners to increase their landscape value and details recommendations to for the restoration of native plant and animal habitat on their grounds. Some of the topics the “Habitat Advisor” covers are:

  • landscaping with environmentally healthy and sustainable native plant species
  • the removal of invasive plant species such as bush honeysuckle
  • water conservation
  • other stewardship practices that promote healthy habitat for birds, native wildlife and people.

Mitch joined Pallottine’s facilities manager Kevin Tierney, on a two-hour tour of the property so Mitch could observe the terrain characteristics. While they walked the acres, Mitch listened as Kevin talked about the PRC vision and goals for our property improvement. Mitch will take all of the information he gathered back to his office and create a written report along with steps on how to improve our habitat to better support birds, pollinators, butterflies. With that report in hand, we he will meet with us again and review the suggestions with us.

The city of Florissant has recently endorsed the goals of the Bring Conservation Home Program and will start promoting it to residents in the Spring 2021. We are proud to be one of the first Florissant nonprofit organizations to participate!

St. Louis Audubon Society Website

Ed Bazel, grammy-nominated pianist has for his 2013 album, Bella Piano, has granted PRC permission to use his music, “Stair Step Lullaby” for our meditation on YouTube:  Genesis, the 5th Day.

After ten years of dedicated service to Pallottine, our Lead Housekeeper, Teri, has officially retired. Teri was an invaluable and cherished member of the PRC family and we are going to miss her greatly! In her retirement she plans on gardening, assisting at her daughter’s store in Historic St. Charles and relaxing! Blessed by the Mid-October cool weather, we celebrated her retirement outdoors with a bonfire and picnic party.

Like a deer that yearns for running streams, so our souls thirst for God. (Ps. 42)