The Pool opens SEPT. 7

Water Exercise, a moderate aerobic workout in shallow water is starting. This program can increase cardiovascular endurance, core strength and flexibility. Aquatic exercise benefit those with joint mobility deficits and/or those compromised with land exercise challenges.

Classes will be offered
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings

Cash, Check or Charge

$50 for the calendar month
$10 per class / Drop-in rate
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Please Select:

May attend once, twice or three times per week – no refund for missed classes.

Payments should be made prior to the 1st of the month to secure registration.

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My name is Linda and I will be teaching the water aerobics classes at Pallottine Renewal Center.

I have been a North County girl for most of my life (except when I went to college).  I taught math at Rosary High School/ Trinity for 25 years.  I have two children and 3 grandchildren.

I have taken the water aerobics classes at Pallottine since 2006 and have been teaching the class since 2008. We stopped classes because of the pandemic, or we’d still be going!  Everyone works as their own body dictates. I would like to invite  anyone who would like to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health to join us.