The Chapel Doors were repaired many years ago with a decorative copper plate on each door.  The exposure to the sun over a short period of time warped the copper, cracking it exposing the wood below to the elements.  The doors have been an unusable access for guests for many years.

Bids are being gathered for the replacement project which is estimated to cost up to $24,000.

The Chapel carpet is over 20 years old with many stains and snags.  It still has the imprint of the original pews that were in the Chapel before renovation.  There has been an addition to the alter to extend the alter which has a different carpet.  The goal is to re-carpet the Chapel with carpet squares so it will still have the warm, welcoming feel.  

Bids are being gathered for this major project which includes the Chapel lobby and the St. Francis hallway and estimates are over $30,000.

The charism of hospitality is central to the ministry and mission of the Pallottine Renewal Center.  By offering this beautiful Chapel-in- the- Round, a place of reflection, refreshment and renewal, it allows people of all faiths to encounter God during their time of worship, prayer and fellowship.  

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in reaching our goal of raising the  $60,000 needed to complete these two very special renovation projects.

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