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Pallottine Renewal Center    

  • The Pallottine Renewal Center (PRC) is owned and operated by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters. They were founded in 1835 by St. Vincent Pallotti, an Italian priest, with the mission to deepen and spread faith and love among God’s people. They are an international congregation, living and working in eighteen countries.  In the United States, they teach, nurse, and carry out other ministries in Maryland, West Virginia and Missouri.
  • The PRC was built in 1968 by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters as their United States Provincial headquarters and formation house. In 1969 its purpose was expanded to a retreat house.  Since the opening of the center, over 130,000 people have come to the center to refresh their spirit, reconnect with God and renew their faith.
  • Pallottine Renewal Center is Catholic in identity and ecumenical and inter-faith in ministry. Hosting retreats of many faiths focusing on the mission of the campus – Renew your Faith, Refresh your Spirit and Reflect with God.  The large chapel –in-the round is complemented with continuous stained glass windows imported from Europe with the Corporal Works of Mercy engraved.  The circular design places all worshipers within 35 feet of the altar.
  • The building, built in the shape of an angel has several sized meeting rooms, board rooms and a solarium. A full-size gymnasium and a large heated indoor pool; the Pallottine Missionary Sisters designed the building to meet diversified activities of mind, body and spirit, with the dignity and reverence of a religious background.
  • Following the mission of the founder of the Pallottine Missionary Sisters, Vincent Pallotti, Pallottine Renewal Center continues the mission of bringing all faithful, each in his or her own role in life and each according to personal ability, to be an apostle to further the growth and deepening of faith and love.


Cold Water Cemetery

  • Cold Water Cemetery is probably the oldest existing burial ground of the American Settlers who came west of the Mississippi River, when those lands were still under the rule of Spain.
  • The historic cemetery is considered to be the oldest Protestant Cemetery still in use, west o the Mississippi River.
  • On November 3, 1963 the cemetery was officially given to the Missouri State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Factually, the first known burial at Cold Water Cemetery is that of Keziah Patterson, first wife of John Patterson Sr, Revolutionary War Soldier in 1809.
  • Today the Cemetery honors the patriots and veterans of 9 wars: Revolutionary War; War of 1812; Seminole War; Civil War; Mexican War; World War I, World War II, Korean War; Vietnam.

EarthDance Farm

  • EarthDance Farm, in Ferguson, MO, is the site of the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi. EarthDance Organic Farm School runs a variety of programs to educate all ages about organic farming and gardening, permaculture and sustainability.
  • EarthDance became a 501c3 organic farm, preserving the historic Mueller Farm while connecting more people to the land through community food production.
  • In 2009 EarthDance inaugurated the part-time training program for 12 beginner farmers and it grew to 31 apprentices and doubled acreage in 2010.
  • EarthDance grows organic food and sells it at the Ferguson Farmers Market.


Taille de Noyer House

  • This historic antebellum home was built by a French trader in a 350 acre walnut grove on the end of the Commons of Florissant dating back to 1790. It is believed to be the oldest remaining home in St. Louis County.
  • The original log cabin, purchased in 1805 by John Mullanphy, an early merchant and trader and St. Louis’ first millionaire, grew through the years during which it served as the home of five generations of the Mullanphy family.

St. Ferdinand Shrine

  • Ferdinand church, built in 1789, served the French fur trappers, farmers and pathfinders who came for worship.
  • Turn of the 19th century, a new church and convent were built to house the Religious of the Sacred Heart, including St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, who came from France to establish a school for Native American children.
  • Oldest Catholic Church building from the Louisiana Purchase Territory to remain standing.


Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

  • Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is located at the confluence of the Mighty Mississippi and Big Muddy Missouri rivers and is managed to provide a mosaic of floodplain habitats.
  • There are 4,318 acres with 6.5 miles of river frontage, about 800 acres of bottomland forest and a 110 acre island.


Bissell House

  • The General Daniel Bissell House was built between 1812 and 1820 and is an outstanding and early example of the Federal style of architecture in the Missouri Territory. Daniel Bissell was an important figure in the early military history of the region, serving as commandant of Fort Bellefontaine, the first United States fort west of the Mississippi. The house reflects its occupancy by five generations of his family before they gave it to St. Louis County in 1961 with many of its original furnishings.


Ft. Bellefontaine

  • Fort Belle Fontaine Park has been a St. Louis County Park since 1986. Few are aware that this was the first United States military installation west of the Mississippi River, established in 1805. Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery expedition (1804-1806) spent the first night of their expedition on an island opposite Cold Water Creek and their last night two years later at the fort, which had been established in their absence. Other major expeditions left from this site between 1805 and 1819 to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory. Until it was replaced by Jefferson Barracks in 1826, Fort Belle Fontaine was an important gathering place in the wilderness for officers and enlisted men, Native American, French, Spanish and American settlers, trappers and traders, and the local businessmen and farmers who supplied the fort with necessities.

MO Bottom Project

  • Formed in the summer of 2012, the MO Bottom Project is a new grouping of old friends. Fronted by singer-songwriter Steve Givens, the band features keyboardist/composer Phil Cooper, drummer/percussionist Pat Dillender, bassist Gerry “Ghost” Kasper and guitarist John Caravelli.
  • The band’s repertoire includes original contemporary and traditional folk, acoustic and classic rock, jazz, blues and gospel. Some songs relate to the North County area where the band members grew up.